“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you and trusting them not to.” ~ Antuan Quentin

This famous quote expresses the changes we experience when we fall in love. We are giddy in the beginning. We “become one” with our partners and lose ourselves. We trust too easily and too much. When we love, we give our all. We transform into someone we don’t recognize.

The Science of Love and Attraction aims to show you why and how our brain and hormones change when we fall in love and when we are falling out of love.

Based on hundreds of scientific studies, this comprehensive and relatable guide will help you:

- Understand love better
- Increase your attractiveness
- Improve your social and romantic life
- Understand unconscious flirting signals
- Overcome a breakup
- Avoid behaviors that may be detrimental to a healthy relationship

This book guides you with scientific facts about love and attraction, which only a limited number of neuroscientists have access to, in an easy, relatable style.

Unlock the long-hidden power of love with The Science of Love and Attraction!
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What you will find in this book

Rich Content

From the evolution of love to attraction, flirting, relationships, and breakups, all the crucial information based on hundreds of scientific studies

Professional Design

Special fonts and colors for an easier read

Explanatory Pictures

Tens of professional pictures to help you understand the subject better

Extensive Bibliography

Extensive bibliography to help you on your personal research on the topic


Dr. Guloglu is a neuroscientist who graduated from Lund University, Sweden. As an assistant professor, he taught several undergraduate and graduate courses on Neurobiology of Love, Cognitive Neurophysiology, Neurology, etc., at various universities. He also wrote many popular science articles in multiple magazines. He is well-known for his skills to simplify complex scientific topics to be understandable to the public.

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